41 Uncensored Instagrams From North Korea

North Korean soldier reading at the Grand People’s Study House.
Pyongyang city center.
A shop in Pyongyang.
North Korean lady and yet to be completed 105-story Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang.
City bus in Pyongyang.
An image of North Korea’s recently launched Unha-3 rocket in a Pyongyang Hotel.
Saturn shaped planetarium named Three Revolution Exhibition Hall.
Pastel painted buildings in Pyongyang.
Mass synchronized swimming performance.
A photo lab.
Kids playing with   camera.
Model of Unha-3 rocket in Pyongyang.
Propaganda posters.
Dennis Rodman in at Beijing airport on his way to North Korea.
View from The Grand People’s Study House. Notice the two huge mosaics of two Kim’s in the middle of the photo.
The Grand People’s Study House.
Kids rollerblading.
Playground in front of a building.

A taxi in Pyongyang streets.
Juche Tower.
Bus stop.
Roadside monument to Kim Il Sung.
Traditional folk dance.
Guy manning the sound board for a performance.
Students at a concert.
Wedding portrait in front of the two Kim’s statues.

Korean War veterans.
North Korean veterans of the Korean War sitting under the two Kim’s portraits.
Troops march on Kim Il Sung Square.
A park swing looking like the North Korean Unha-3 rocket.
Trolleybus being fixed in the capital.
Men on an airport transport bus.
Soldiers on a sidecar.
On board of an Air Koryo flight to Beijing.
Baggage claim at the airport.
Early morning in Pyongyang.
TV host explaining Madagascar movie’s plot before it was broadcasted.
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