Not So Innocent Photos Have Morbid Stories Behind Them

 One single photograph can tell so many different stories. It can tell a story through the lens that you may not see when you are there in real life. It can show happy times, sad times, and unforgettable times. Sometimes we capture photos and don’t even realize the impact it might have on other people. The below photographs seem innocent and seem to be showing quite a few happy times, but each one of them holds a very dark secret. Look below for some not so innocent photographs.

1. This is Tyler Hadley. He murdered both of his parents and spent 3 hours cleaning up the bloody scene. Afterwards, he decided to throw a party and that is where this picture was taken.

2. This is a picture taken of the Heavens Gate Cult. They were convinced by their leader that the world was going to end. In order to be transported by a space ship, they needed to commit suicide.

3. This photo of a father and his daughter was taken on August 15th, 1998. Moments later, that red car exploded and killed 29 people. It was placed there by an extremist group from the Irish Republican Party.

4. The young boy in this photo is James Bulger. This is the last photo of him before he was taken by two 10-year-old boys who tortured and murdered him. The boys were caught and are the youngest convicted murders of the 20th century.

5. This hot photo of Travis Alexander was taken by his girlfriend. It is the last photo taken of him alive. After this shot, he was stabbed and murdered by his photographer, Jodi Arias.

6. This photograph looks like a typical class photo. Take a look in the upper left hand corner at the two young guys pointing mimicked guns at the camera. Those two boys are Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the shooters in the Columbine massacre. This is their class photo in 1999.

7. Although clowns can be terrifying, who would have thought that Pogo would turn out to be serial murderer and rapist John Wayne Gacy? While performing as Pogo during the day, Gacy murdered 30 young males throughout the 1970s.

8. An eager fan asks John Lennon to sign an autograph. Little did he know that fan was Mark David Chapman, the man who would eventually murder him.
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