Wokest Wash Around: Dove’s Campaign Against Normalcy Continues

 Dove has been on a roll in the past year — that is if you’re a leftist activist who says men can be women and thinks “fat liberation” is good for a person’s health.

If you’re a normal person who understands basic biological reality, Dove’s obsession with some of the craziest ideologies over the past few years should make you want to vomit. The soap company has swallowed the woke Kool-Aid, and now it’s spitting it out at all of its customers.

Let’s back up to September of 2023. Dove partnered with a Black Lives Matter activist to push a “fat liberation” campaign. This move was just a few checked boxes shy of creating the wokest promotion of all time. If only the plus-sized BLM “fat liberation” activist also had pronouns in her bio… ohhhh… she does. So this really is in the running for the wokest campaign of all time. Congrats, Dove!

But the personal care brand wasn’t done.

Jump ahead to Super Bowl Sunday of this year, and you’ll find Dove claiming that it supports girls and women in sports. At this time, Dove also partnered with Matthew Cherry, a director and former football player, for a “quest to transform the world of sports into a welcoming environment where every girl can thrive and truly belong.”

That seems like a pretty normal thing to do. But don’t get too excited about a return to normalcy.

Dove’s Super Bowl ad and partnership with Cherry would’ve been great if it weren’t for the fact that just a few years earlier, the brand congratulated Laurel Hubbard, a male weightlifter who competed against women at the Olympics.

“History in the making. Congrats to Laurel! Here’s to more trans representation in sports,” Dove tweeted in 2021.

If that seems hypocritical, it’s because it is. Dove is trying to claim it supports women’s sports while celebrating when men who claim to be women infiltrate women’s sports.

Dove has solidified itself as the wokest brand around, but what if you’re not into plus-sized “fat liberation” activists and men competing in women’s sports? It seems that Dove just wants you to get over it and keep buying its products.

But at Jeremy’s, we don’t hate the customers who give us their money. We don’t partner with BLM “fat liberation” activists who have pronouns in their bios. We don’t advocate for stripping away the rights of girls and women in sports. And we make some pretty great products.

Not only did Jeremy’s Razors’ second-generation razor hit the top spot on the Amazon bestseller list. Right now, Jeremy’s is offering a Buy One Get One on its Shampoo and Body Wash so you can have a clean conscious and get a great deal today!

Why get your personal care products from a company that pushes against everything you believe when you can get even better products from a company that shares your values?

As Dove continues to campaign against normalcy with no end in sight, Jeremy’s is pushing back against the craziness of the Left by offering consumers quality products that are… well… normal.

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