Tuesday, 27 August 2019

UNREAL: Google Buried True Meaning of Covfefe [I Will Stand Up] Once President Trump Tweeted It!!!

President Trump tweeted “Covfefe” and nobody knew what he meant.  If you googled the word you couldn’t find it.  Now we know that the reason you couldn’t find it is because Google had it erased from its social platform!

Internet sleuth Tiffany FitzHenry reported some bombshells in the Google leaks that were recently released.  A few of her tweets related to President Trump’s use of the word “Covfefe” –

Leaked documents show that Google raced to erase the meaning of the Arabic work “Covfefe” as soon as the President tweeted his reference to the word –

Google didn’t want anyone to know that the word “Covfefe” meant “I will stand up” and rather defrauded the President and the American people of the truth –

Google should be ashamed of itself.  It proves daily its intent to curtail free speech and manage the information that people around the world are allowed to access.  Google is evil!

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